The band

One of San Francisco
Bay Area’s most popular
bands of the 80s/90s


Lead Singer | Bass player | percussion | french horn | chapman stick | songwriter | founder

What’s he doing now? 
Mark is living happily in Bali with his wife Julia. Facebook


drummer | singer | songwriter | founder

Mike continues to enjoy a life guided by music. He is an active recording and performing drummer / percussionist / programmer, including his current group 4Minus1 Trio.  

In addition to drumming, Mike has engineered on albums for various artists including Bob Weir’s Ratdog, Mickey Hart, MIRV, Haunted by Waters, and many others. By day, Mike continues to work for a leading manufacturer of audio recording, mixing, and live sound equipment.  

Mike lives in Petaluma, California with Natalie, his wife of over 25 years.

Mike Freitas


Guitarist | singer | saxophone | percussion

What’s he doing now? 
Kenny is professional Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Photographer/Videographer in Nashville TN & The Bay Area CA. He has run his own production company Basement3Productions with his wife Sabine, since 2008

Kenny Schick writes, records, performs his own music 

He is also the other half of the duo ArtemesiaBlack with wife Sabine 

Kenny Schick

Dave (Swampy)

Saxophone | backup vocals | percussion

What’s he doing now? 
Dave works full time and still plays saxophone sometimes with band like Fungo Mungo ……


trumpet | backup vocals | percussion

What’s he doing now? 
Jim is a music teacher. 

Jim McKenzie

Chris mondt


What’s he doing now? 
Something awesome while looking dapper!



What’s he doing now? 
To this day, Les still lives in the Bay Area and works in the tech industry. He went into musical semi-retirement a few years ago to raise a son, but is rumored to be plotting his return to the musical stage in the distant or not-too-distant future! 

Photo credit below Michael Pegram



What’s he doing now? 
Mike retired from Apple and moved to British Columbia

Mike Vondran



What’s he doing now? 
After his Dot 3 days Jackie Watson returned to the Coachella Valley and joined the Punk Jazz band “The Sort of Quartet “ This band along with others like “Kyuss”, “Fatso Jetson” and “Queens of Stone Age” were pioneers In the Desert Generator Rock scene. Watson contributed songs and played trumpet on TSOQ’s Planet Mamonn for SST. Later Jackie helped form a folk rock Duo called “Monkey Toast “, with long time friend Mathew Lowell. Jackie now works for Hemet Unified School District and plays and sings regularly at his church. He also is working on a new recording project with Desert drumming legend Alfredo Hernandez.

Jackie Watson



What’s he doing now? 
Christopher is in the band Pigeon English and has a lot of birds.




What’s he doing now?
Andy sadly passed away in 2020. He’s Dj’in and making people laugh somewhere in another dimension!

Andy Average lived a long time with wife Terri in New Orleans. Andy was the roadie for Dot 3 and essentially part of the band. He was considered the most eclectic lounge DJ ever in San Jose and spun bizarre records at almost every underground hangout for 20 years. Known as the Pope of San Jose, Andy was probably San Jose’s first true ‘alternative’ weirdo club DJ and his vinyl collection, which unfortunately was lost in Hurricane Katrina, was legendary. He was ‘alternative’ like… spaceage, bachelor pad tunes, 60s exotica, Martin Denny, Italian horror soundtracks, bagpipe covers of cracked rockabilly stuff. Lenny Dee, the Ramones, Tiny Tim, cowpunk stomps, lesbian vampire audiobooks or anything appealing to hula dancer, tiki bars or that crazed dud in the corner with the soft blue blazer, the maroon fez and the glass of Absinthe. 

DJ Andy Average The Pope of San Jose



What’s he doing now? 
Bill works for AVID.

Karen howe

graphic design

What’s she doing now? 
Karen is happily retired in Oregon.

Karen Howe was the Graphic Artist for Tower Records that’s how she met Mark Renner.

Photo credit left: Katie Norris

Karen Howe Dot 3

Natalie sibert freitas


What’s she doing now? 
Natalie has a great youtube channel called AndreaDoria’s Raising the Bar – please go subscribe to that! 

Music is literally in my blood from both sides of my parents. My maternal grandfather was even a French Horn player for the Chicago Symphony long, long ago. So, at around 18 I discovered incredible music via KFJC. Really wanted to get into recording production then, no classes for that so KFJC became my home and first radio DJ experience. Then! Began booking rock shows at SJSU for a year as Concert Chair for the ASPB. Booked Agent Orange and others. Then! Graduated and was miffed that the ASPB passed on RHCP. So, 1986 I went back and booked RHCP with Dot 3 opening at State myself. From there ended up managing Dot 3 for a few years. Great times and gigs. Also booked Marsugi’s in SJ for a short spell. Went on to attempt something similar at a club called SOHO in Campbell in a shopping mall. Ummm… Dot 3 was the band for opening night at that club. It sold out, of course. However, that show set the bar so high the owners expected the same turnout every night. Cut my hours so I skeedattled. After Dot 3 broke up I managed a few other bands, got fired from a couple music writing gigs over the years. Moved after marrying, gasp, Mike Freitas! Ended up Djing at a bowling alley. Best paying gig ever. Left that. Got a job at a commercial Americana radio station. Got fired from that. Finally volunteered and was a paid afternoon host at Sonoma County’s NPR radio station for quite a few years.

Photo credit right: Katie Norris