Dot 3 Logo


“We lived in Dot 3 Land. We didn’t have a lot in common with the other bands musically. We were just different.”

Kenny Schick

“They opened for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, Faith No More and Primus. Actually, Primus opened for them on several occasions.”

Aaron Carnes

“I thought Dot 3 was the equivalent of the Doors for the 1980’s.”

Robert C Schick

“Dot 3 was a great combo of real musicians and funky chaos. Probably the most original band to come out of San Jose”


“When Dot 3 started, Mike was already at SJSU, and Mark had stopped going to school (he had gone to Foothill for a bit, I think) and was working at Tower Records. He and Mike had done a band before Dot 3 that I saw at Foothill during a noon time concert, and they were trippy… it was sort of fusion mixed with a new wave and punk edge…. It must have then been a year later when they approached me, and I was doing the sax/jazz thing. What made me interested was how unique the music was… it was exciting and different than rock or jazz, which I’d done before that, and which many people had done in many other bands….. it was the uniqueness that pulled me in… and also…. jazz was such hard work, and I began to think my mind was not really quite quick enough to do it as well as I wanted…also… the hard work led to gigs playing background music for weddings, cocktail parties, etc….. Dot 3 was about making music that people came to see and experience…so the work seemed more worthwhile and acknowledged—it was just wild, physical fun too. Anyway…that’s what it was about for me, and certainly, it was a great way to express ourselves and get out some angst we all had about the stupid world…haha”

Kenny Schick